ANCCLI | Association nationale des comités et commissions locales d’information (National association of local information committees and commissions)

ANR | Agence nationale de la recherche (National research agency)

ASN | Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (Nuclear Safety Authority)

ASND | Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire de Défense (Nuclear Defense Safety Authority)

CLI | Commission locale d’information (Local information commission)

CNL | Canada Nuclear Laboratories

CNPE | Centrale nucléaire de production d’électricité (Nuclear Power Plant)

CODEND | Steering committee for the nuclear defense expertise division

CODIRPA | Post-accident phase management committee

COR | IRSN nuclear safety and radiation protection research policy committee

CSR | Corporate Social Responsibility

CWC | Chemical Weapons Convention

DEND | Nuclear defense expertise division

DGAL | Direction générale de l’alimentation (Directorate-General for food)

DOE | US Department of Energy

DOSIMETRY | Determination, by evaluation or by measurement, of the dose of radiation (radioactivity) absorbed by a substance or an individual

DRL | Diagnostic reference levels

DSND | Representative in charge of nuclear safety and radiation protection for defense-related activities and installations

ENSTTI | European Nuclear Safety Training and Tutoring Institute

EPIC | Établissement public à caractère industriel et commercial (Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment)

EPR | Evolutionary Power Reactor (3rd generation pressurised water reactor – PWR)

ERS | Études radiologiques de site (Radiological site studies)

ETSON | European Technical Safety Organisation Network

EURATOM | European Atomic Energy Community

HCERES | High Council for the assessment of research and higher education

HCTISN | High Committee for transparency and information on nuclear safety

HFDS | Senior defense and security official

IAEA | International Atomic Energy Agency

ICRP | International Commission on Radiological Protection

INMM | Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (US)

IPCC | Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


LOCA | Loss-of-coolant accident

MTE | Ministry of Ecological Transition

MIRCOM | Ion microbeam dedicated to the radiobiology of intra- and inter-cellular communications

MOX | Mixture of plutonium oxide and uranium oxide – Nuclear fuel

MWe | Megawatt electrical – Measurement unit for the electrical power produced

NEA | Nuclear Energy Agency of the OECD

OECD | Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development electrical power produced

OPCW | Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

RADIONUCLIDE | Radioactive isotope of an element

RSNR | Recherche en matière de sûreté et radioprotection (Nuclear safety and radiation protection research)

SFRP | Société française de radioprotection (French radiation protection society)

SID | Service d’infrastructure de la défense (Defense infrastructure service)

SISERI | Système d’information de la surveillance de l’exposition aux rayonnements ionisants (Information system for monitoring exposure to ionising radiation)

SMR | Small Modular Reactors

SPE | Services Publics Écoresponsables (Eco-responsible public services)

TSO | Technical Safety Organisation